Wait, what was I saying again?!

So this morning I poured my apple juice over my cereal…Just one of many things which I now do daily which frankly are a little bit weird. It inspired me to write this blog as I am constantly doing something insane, and I can only attribute this to the famous “Baby Brain” or “Preg Head”, and I know I am not the only one!

Apparently, there is no scientific proof surrounding this phenomenon, with the evidence showing that the capacity of the brain is not altered; in fact an Australian study gets pretty hot under the collar about women blaming pregnancy for any memory loss. However I can vouch; as I am sure certainly most pregnant women can, that there definitely something afoot that happens to all expectant Mums.

memory loss

It is said that pregnancy doesn’t alter your IQ, but it can affect the way your brain prioritises activity. You will also have a lot of extra knowledge and information in your brain, which takes up more of what you think about – meaning your short term memory may suffer. For me it wasn’t just my memory which was affected, I would even have trouble getting my words out sometimes.

I remember in the early stages I would be in a meeting at work and would literally stop mid-sentence and have to get my colleague to finish it for me as I’d completely forgotten what it was I was talking about! Or walking over to talk to one of our sales guys about something important and in the 7 seconds it took me to get to them I would have entirely forgotten what it was I was going there to say. Often I would ask Stuart what my plans were for that night or what we had that very afternoon for lunch.

Nowadays I am more likely to be found refusing point blank that I was told about that important event Stu had booked in for us, or losing my keys in the fridge or some such place. Owning a diary has never been more important!


So is there anything we can do to help ease the symptoms?

Well, lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help, so make sure you are getting enough Z’s at night (easier said than done, I know!)

Eat right & keep hydrated – lack of essential minerals and vitamins can lead to poor brain function.

Make a list – not only did it help me remember essential things, but also made me feel organised.

Don’t take too much on – you’re adding to your day to day activities such as going to work, looking after children, doing the shopping etc with a whole load of baby related jobs and info, so make sure you get support from your partner or friend to run those few errands you need not do yourself or take a back seat with the paperwork at home.

Exercise – this will increase oxygen in the blood helping your brain work better, and is a great stress buster. (Or so I’m told…that pregnancy yoga DVD I bought 4 months ago is still in the wrapper)

And if all else fails, cover everything with post it notes!

Post it notes

So, although scientifically we can’t blame pregnancy to account for all the missed appointments or messages you never managed to get around to replying to, I think there’s enough of us out there to at the very least not make us feel like we’re losing the plot entirely. I am reliably informed that it gets no better once the baby arrives either! So if you see me at the school gates with my child on the lead, whilst waving off the dog with his packed lunch, then you’ll know why!!

I’d love to hear your anecdotes of how the dreaded “mumnesia” has affected you!

7 thoughts on “Wait, what was I saying again?!

  1. Lara – I’m loving reading your blog so far – it’s keeping me most amused and is also really informative!! keep up the good work! xx

    • Love this. I feel like this constantly. My worst times are recalling little things that I KNOW very well. I can’t for the life of me, at times, remember the character in the movie that I watch at least five times a week! I started a Budget, a schedule and a Menu for myself to help organize all the things I forget to do in the day, like eat or brush my teeth ( which always gives me nausea). Or even, taking my pre-natal which honestly, hasn’t happened still >.< Love your blog.

      • Absolutely the same!! It’s so frustrating isn’t it! Thank you for reading, really glad you like it. Hopefully you like the latest ones. Talking of antenatal vits, I must go and take mine now!

  2. I was very proud of myself the other week for learning the oven settings for automatic cooking of baked potatoes. Rushed to collect kids, excitedly arrived home to find settings worked perfectly but I’d forgotten to put the potatoes in the oven :-\

    • Haha! I have done that too! Gone to take dinner out of the oven and it be freezing cold still where I missed the vital part of actually turning the oven on! Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoy 🙂

  3. Yep…Totally agree about not being able to get the words out. That happened really early on in the pregnancy. – And glad to know you haven’t been inspired to use the pregnancy yoga DVD…I was thinking about getting one but I’m sure it would meet the same still-in-the-wrapper fate as yours has!

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