Bath time for our little splasher!!

The days when Henry would fit into his freestanding baby bath are long gone (sob!) especially as he is such a happy splasher! The bathroom floor would be covered in water by the end of his time in there happily flapping and whacking around. I was given a Tippitoes baby bath at my baby shower which had a nice soft head cushion and moulded support for Henry to rest into. It saw us through for about 3/4 months and we have since moved on to a bath rest, but now that he can support himself he sits in the bath playing with his toys and making even bigger waves.
It took me a long while to start using products on his delicate skin because it was just that. I knew I wanted to use products which were extra gentle on his new skin which is why I am so grateful Urban Retreats got in touch to sample the truly wonderful eco-organic products of Estelle and Thild. It is a Swedish brand created by a mother who also wanted only the best for her 2 little girls. It is sourced from botanical, organically grown raw materials and developed with both dermatologists and paediatricians. And has the most beautiful pastel designed packaging making it an all round winner in my eyes!
As Henry still doesn’t have much hair (this doesn’t stop Mr J and I excitedly pointing out most days recently that we think it’s grown just a smidgen more!) we’re currently only using the body oil which can be used in the bath and after to lock in the moisture, but will definitely be stocking up on the shampoo/conditioner when the time comes to need it.
shampoo estelle-thild-baby-child-ecorganic-body-oil_250x250
All of these beautiful products are available from Urban Retreat;
I also found a wonderful brand, Green People, back in the summer (remember that?!) when I wanted an organic sun block for Henry’s delicate skin, and they also do a fab baby wash which is so gentle and scent free. Pioneers in the organic baby care sector, they have won so many awards for their huge range of products, but you may not have heard of them so I would definitely urge you to check them out; or at John Lewis and Ocado. They do super sweet sets which would be perfect for baby shower presents too.
boy set
Organice people
If your little one is more of a bath time screamer than they are splish splasher then aside from bath toys, why not try taking a bubble machine in with you to make it more fun for them and distract their attention from the fact that you’re washing them, or for older children who have decided bathing is no fun any more how about coloured dye to turn the water or take they’re favourite doll or toy in and wash them first to tempt them in. Remember it’s not just a job to get them clean, make it fun and enjoy that quality one on one time yourself. Stuart nearly always bathes Henry now as he is home so late from work, like most Daddies, so it means he gets to enjoy some fun time with him before bed and I get to listen to all the cute (one sided!) conversations he has with him from downstairs.


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